Reef Check EcoDiver




Identify reef check key indicators of fish, invertebrates, and substrates to assess coral reef health by collecting data for coral reef management and conservation.


  • 15+ years old.
  • Open Water Diver.
  • 25 logged dives, including 2 dives in the past 12 months.

Note: Training dives will charge fees.

To get your

EcoDiver certificate

  • Pass Skills Assessment: buoyancy, swimming, safety.
  • Complete EcoDiver Course.
  • Pass a written ID test – 90% to pass.
  • Participate in field practice and exams.

Course Contents

By the end of this session, the divers will be able to understand and learn the following objectives:


  • Important of coral reefs.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Threats.
  • History of Reef Check.

Substrate ID Training

  • Basic substrate categories
  • Hard corals & soft corals.
  • Algae, sponge & others.
  • Non lifing components.

Methods and Skills

  • Key Skills for EcoDivers.
  • Survey Overview.

  • Survey Steps.

Invertebrate ID Training

  • Monitoring method.
  • Indicator invertebrates.
  • Impacts: bleaching, diseases and damaged.

Fish ID Training

  • Fish Monitoring Method.
  • Fish Belt Transect Form.

  • Which Fish Do We Count?

  • Fish Identification Areas.

Workshops Training

  • Survey methods.
  • Fish surveys.
  • Substrate surveys.
  • Invertebrate surveys.


Six dives can be conducted in two or three days including one survey.

  • Fish ID.
  • Substrate ID.
  • Invertebrate ID and impacts.
  • Coral Reef Survey at two depths.


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