PADI Coral Watch Coral Health Chart




The chart standardizes changes in coral colours, and provides a simple way for people to quantify coral health and contribute to the CoralWatch global database.


Diver Route:

  • 10+ years old.
  • PADI Junior Open Water Diver (Diver Route).

Non-Diver Route:

Snorkelers can participate but with special considerations.

Note: Training dives will charge fees.

Course Contents

By the end of this session, the divers will be able to understand and learn the following objectives:


Explain what is CoralWatch. Explain CoralWatch’s mission and objectives. Explain why divers and snorkelers are important contributors to CoralWatch. Explain why action to protect reefs is essential.

Coral Bleaching

Explain the meaning of colours on coral reefs. Explain the importance of coral reef research. Explain the term coral bleaching.

Coral Reef

Explain what corals reefs are. Explain why coral reefs are important. Explain threats to coral reefs.

Coral Type

Identify coral types surveyed with Coral Health Chart. Explain why we record coral type.


Two dives can be conducted in one day including one survey.

  • Identify healthy corals.

  • Identify bleached corals.
  • Identify different coral types.
  • Conduct a complete coral health chart survey.


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